Homeland Title wants to make sure the transfer of the property is accomplished professionally, securely and efficiently.   

Homeland writes or prepares a variety of documents necessary to the closing process (warranty deeds, deeds of trust, powers of attorney, settlement statements, closing packages) and conducts real estate closings as well as offering notary services.

What is title insurance?
Title insurance provides protection from "hidden risk" due to unforeseen claims that may be asserted to your property. The policy provides protection from financial loss and payment of all legal cost to defend title claims. Title insurance provides protection to the owner and lender.

Why do I need title insurance?
Even though a title search may be extensive and exacting, it is limited to public records, so the possibility of "hidden risk" remains. This is where Homeland's expertise comes in. Records may not reflect claims of missing heirs, false impersonations, forgeries, improperly probated wills or clerical errors in recording legal documents, so without title insurance your investment is at risk. But the risks don't stop there. Confusion due to similar or identical names, deed executed under expired or false powers of attorney, unsatisfied claims not shown on the records and mistaken interpretation of wills and trusts are just a few more of the hidden risks that make the purchase of title insurance and a thorough title search a most prudent one-time investment.

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